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Smart Devices


Low cost smart computing devices that enable control of end nodes such as lights air handlers, data capture from end nodes and sensors such as occupancy sensors and thermostats, and low-cost wireless data transfer.

Smart Rooms


Rooms that sense daylight levels, occupancy, temperatures, etc. and combine with operational and safety guidlines to optomize comfort while minizing energy consumption.

Smart Buildings


Providing lowest-cost sensor data access, capture, and end point control that, whehther stand alone or integrated into your Building Automation System, maximizes the ROI of your energy reduction investment while minimizing its payback period.

zPoint Products - Smart Devices that Maximize Return on Your Building Energy Saving Projects

zPoint Products delivers the low cost smart computing devices that cost-effectively enable smart rooms, smart buildings, and the smart grid. zPoint Products drive higher energy savings at lower cost, resulting in higher Return on Investment and shorter Payback Periods.