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zPoint is technology agnostic, agile, and adaptive. The zPoint holistic approach to building automation allows it to connect, control, and monitor building systems via a wireless mesh controlling the pervasive building lighting system.

Responding to both system level parameters and environmental conditions (e.g., relayed from occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, thermostats, etc.), only zPoint is sufficiently agnostic and agile to control everything from window blinds to HVAC.

Commercial Building Applications:

Warehouse, Office, Government, Industrial, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare

Building Lifecycle Stage:

New Build - zPoint Products can save up to 30% per end point (materials and labour) over wired solutions.

Retrofit - removing the need to re-wire through walls, etc. zPoint Products can reduce the cost of installing control and 2-way data capabilities from $2000 to $200 per end point.

System Sensing & Control Applications:


  • Ambiant light, occupancy, time of day sensing
  • Indoor / outdoor 
  • Fluorescent/LED/Induction


  • Air speed & temperature sensing
  • Fan/heater control
  • UV disinfectant system control


  • Temperature & Humidity Sensing
  • Compressor Control
  • Multiple units on single network

Custom Sensor/Control

  • Access Points, Sensors
  • RFID, etc.